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Young Advisors Sheffield

Sheffield Young Advisors

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SYASheffield Young Advisors are young people aged between 16 and 19 (up to 25yrs for young people with additional needs) who show community leaders and decision makers how to engage young people in community life. they make sure Young People are given the chance to be involved in decision making and influencing change, regeneration and renewal.

Young Advisors are trained and employed consultants who guide local authorities, housing associations and other local partners about what it is like for a young person to live, work, learn and play in their neighbourhood. We are the Voice for Young people in our area, and teach Professionals how best to engage with young people.

  1. They will help organisations 'youth proof' their practices, policies, strategies and commissioning.

  2. They will help you understand how to attract and maintain the interests of young people.

  3. They will speak out for young people, making sure their thoughts and feelings are considered in decisions that affect them.

  4. They will work both locally and nationally to share good practice and learn from others.

  5. They will engage directly with other young people to get them involved in neighbourhood improvements.

For more information about the Sheffield Young Advisors please email:

For more information on young advisors go to the national website by clicking the link below.

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Sheffield Young Advisors work in partnership with Sheffield Futures. For more information visit their website. Sheffied Futures Website

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