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Here is the latest news from the Sheffield Young Advisors:

New Young Advisors!

15 new Young Advisors join our team


Congratulations and welcome to our 15 new young advisor's who have now joined our team. Shamima, Courtney, Selina, Emily S, Tameka, Sheriffatu, Jenny, Jack, Darcy, Chris, Natasha, Sally, Luc, Martha and Isabella have now completed their national Young Advisor training and joined team Sheffield. They are now fully trained and ready to work! Click the link below to check out the profiles of our new Young Advisor's.

Sheffield Young Advisors Win 2 Awards

Double National Award win for Sheffield Young Advisors

Ya's With Awards

Award WinSheffield Young Advisors picked up two awards at this years national Young Advisors AGM & Awards. The team received the Special Recognition Award for Best Project with Lasting Impact for our work with the Sheffield University Technical College & the Best Partnership Award for our work with The Sheffield Safeguarding Board.

New Young Advisors

7 new Young Advisors join our team

Congratulations and welcome to our 7 new young advisors who have now joined our team. Haaris, Abbey, Indy, Odessa, Chloe, Emily and Rebecca have now completed their national Young Advisor training and joined team Sheffield. They are now fully trained and ready to work! Check out our Photo Album page to see photos from their training day.

New YA'S 2013

Young Advisor Retirements

Adam Bradford, Phabian Sanderson, Lucy Martin, Emma Hazlehurst, Devrin Hizam, Rakeem Nabi retire.

There comes a time where you reach an age where you are no longer young enough to be a young advisor. Sadly for Adam, Lucy, Emma H, Dev and Rakeem that time has now come. Also leaving us is Phabian, who has now completed his Youth Work apprentership and working with young people in that role. After 3 years of outstanding work from Lucy, Emma H and Phabian (who were all part of our original team, and 2 years from Adam, Dev and Rakeem, their time with us ended at a leaving celebration at our meeting last Tuesday. After a speech from the Sheffield Futures chief Executive Andy Barrs they were presented with leaving books with photos from their time with us and individual messages of goodbye from the rest of the team and Sarah. We would like to say a massive thank you and good luck in the future

BBC Manchester Visit

Sheffield Young Advisors recently visited BBC Media City in Manchester as their reward for winning best project at the national Young Advisor awards

Winning the best team award was amazing at the young advisor AGM, we won a trip to the BBC in Manchester where we able to gain key skills enabling our progression as young advisors to prosper.

At the BBC we learnt about audio editing and podcasting, as a team we had to work together to interview people about things young people value. Some of our group went around Manchester interviewing the general public, they wanted to find out of parents about the influences television has on young people. From doing this they gained communication skills, it helped grow there confidence, and allowed them to view a topic in someone else’s shoes. Another group interviewed around the BBC finding out about careers advice particularly in sports journalism. They interviewed a sports journalist at BBC sport and asked him numerous questions that they felt young people would like to know.

After interviewing local people about young people based topics, we then edited and put together a full recording interview including our own views on the different topics. We then presented our different recordings to our young advisor group and allowed them to give us feed back on what they liked and what they wanted us to improve. After the day had ended we all got together and did a recording of our favourite moment in the day, and the skills we had gained throughout the day. Confidence skills, interviewing, team building, skills in media and recording, career skills, and loads more. All of the Sheffield young advisors had an amazing day, meeting new people, and learning something that will benefit us in the future.

UTC Sheffield

UTC Sheffield is Opening Soon. Check out this poster for more info...

UTC Sheffield

Fright Night 2012

Fright Night 2012

We are at Fright Night! Come visit us outside the City Hall between 3:30pm and 8:30pm and have a chance to win FREE After Dark Tickets. This year the Young Peoples Involvement Team are teaming up with the Childrens Involvement team so come along to check out what we do, how you can get involved and to play Scary Squares 2 where you can win 2 free tickets to After Dark.

Fright Night

National Young Advisors Finalist in the 2012 Social Enterprise UK Awards for Youth Led Social Enterprise!

National Young Advisors have been selected as one of this year's finalists for the national Youth Led Social Enterprise Award!

The majority of the Young Advisors projects trustees are all young people who are trained Young Advisors, and of course every one of the 55 teams nationally are youth led!

The winners are announced on the 12th of November

For more information on Young Advisors Nationaly visit their website

Social Enterprise Awards 2012

2 National Awards for Sheffield Young Advisors

The Team and their awards with Jenny and Gary

Sheffield Young Advisors Lead Sarah Stevens and her team achieve 2 top national awards for Sheffield. Best Lead Award – An award to recognise the workers who help make our projects exceptional and Best Project with Lasting Impact Award – An award to recognise the great work done by an individual team YA team in 2012.

The Sheffield Young Advisors team nominated Sarah for Best Lead and put forward a fantastic nomination statement which included their own personal comments as to why they felt Sarah deserved the award both professionally and personally.

The hard work the whole team working together in 2012 saw them bring home the Best Project with Lasting Impact 1st Place Award.

LauraSheffield Young Advisor, Laura White said of the Best Lead winner “It just goes to show how much she is part of the Sheffield Young Advisors; it’s like she’s a Young Advisor herself! Sarah was so surprised to win she was not expecting it at all! With the amount of effort she puts in everyday, we knew it was in the bag!”

LewisFellow Sheffield Young Advisor, Lewis Grist added “I’m so happy that Sarah won this award because she leads to perfection. Sarah is passionate about young people and she’s a great role model. She deserved her award more than anyone”.

SarahSarah and the team don’t just get to keep the fabulous shiny trophies they are also going on a great trip to the BBC media center Manchester, as Sarah Stevens explains “We have also won an exciting trip to the BBC Media centre with a workshop on how to do Podcasts, a tour of the studios and a chance to network with the BBC crew including the BBC Radio 5 team! After the studio visit we will be travelling to meet the newly formed Manchester Young Advisors team which will be brilliant”.

For the national success of Sheffield Young Advisors, Sarah gave her thanks to Sheffield Futures ”Running this project and winning these awards could not have been possible without all the amazing support we have received and continue to recieve from the tireless supporting organisation, Sheffield Futures. We could not have done it without you!”.

We would also like to thank the National Young Advisor Team and Trustees for selecting us to win these great awards & a great residential.

For photos go to our Photo Page

BBC Radio 4 Interview

Shaz & Luke BBC Radio 4

On Thursday the 19th of July BBC Radio 4 came to Sheffield to interview Sheffield Young Advisors for their PM show. The interview was about a new website that links life chances to where a person lives. The new website called Compare Futures which has a rather worrying 'your future awaits' promise in relation to your postcode and therefore life chances. It also compares yours with those recorded nationally. The website is aimed at young people. It has sparked debate nationally and BBC Radio 4 were interested in hearing from young people living in different areas across England as to their thoughts on the subject, and they chose Sheffield to lead the piece. They wanted to know whether our young people's life experiences in education/likely employment/training etc matched up to their experience of it. So Luke C and Shaz who live in 2 very different areas of the city entered their post codes and spoke to BBC Radio 4 about the accuracy of the site (which in their cases was not accurate at all) and the effect they think the website could have.

Michael Mensah Visit

Michael Mensah, Private Secretary to Tim Loughton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families visited Sheffield Futures recently to meet with staff, the Sheffield Young Advisors and 2 Sheffield Futures Youth Work Apprentices. The Young Advisors told Michael about all the work the team had being doing over the last 2 years and shared with him their backgrounds and personal stories. He also heard from the youth work apprentices (one of which is also a young advisor) about their work and stories to where they are today. Michael said of his visit ” I was very grateful for them taking the time out to welcome me and brief me on the good work and progress of Sheffield Futures… The welcome I received, the presentations I heard and the young people’s personal accounts were very interesting and very much appreciated”

Michael Mensah

New Young Advisors

We have had 8 new young advisors join our team!!

They are now fully trained and ready to work

New YA's

Positive For Youth

Positive For Youth

The stratergy brings together for the first time all of the Government’s policies for young people aged 13 to 19. It therefore covers a wide range of issues – from education and youth services, to health, crime, housing and more. Nine government departments have been involved in developing it – including the Department for Education, the Department of Health, the Home Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government. Young people and youth professionals have also been involved directly in developing the statement through extensive collaboration and consultation. Sheffield Young Advisors have a case study in the stratergy talking about their role in preventing the riots in Sheffield.

Case study: Young people’s role in preventing disturbances
Young people in Sheffield took action in August 2011 to discourage their peers from joining in the disturbances that were taking place in other cities across the country.
On Tuesday 9 August, Sheffield Futures – the city's main provider of youth services and youth engagement groups – met partner organisations including Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Police to discuss a strategy for preventing riots in Sheffield. As an organisation that puts young people at its heart, Sheffield Futures decided to involve young people in its planning, knowing that this would be vital to success. They then took the lead in establishing a panel of young people representing all existing local participation groups including Young Advisors, Sheffield Youth Council, and the UK Youth Parliament. The panel of young people was briefed on what was happening. They couldn’t understand why people would want to wreck their own environments in which they live, play and work – so they came up with a slogan ‘Steel City NOT Steal City’ to show that they were proud to be from Sheffield. They recommended the quickest and most effective way of sending a positive message to the young people of Sheffield was through social media networks. Throughout the week that followed the panel monitored social media sites. They passed on any intelligence they gleaned to the police within minutes enabling officers to target potential ‘hotspots’ in a low key manner without antagonising situations. They used social media to inform the young people of Sheffield about what was really happening. The panel also put together an information leaflet outlining young people’s rights and responsibilities, and the consequences of their actions in relation to the riots, which was distributed widely through all youth workers and youth centres in Sheffield. Interviews with panel members on local radio and in local newspapers made clear that young people were taking positive action against the riots.
One Sheffield Young Advisor said “Through joint working between professionals and young people we were better able to create a powerful force to counteract the riots. This relationship will continue to have a positive influence within the city both now and in the future.”

To download the full stratergy go to our Download Center

Ministerial Meeting With Andrew Stunnell Regarding The Recent Riots

On the 19th of December Emma & Luke went down to London to attend a young peoples riot panel with minister Andrew Stunell (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) and Baroness Newlove. They were joined by other Young Advisors from across the the country to discuss how they were affected by the riots and talk about what they did to help with the aftermath or in the Sheffield teams case, help in preventing them from happening at all in their city. They also gave their ideas about what could be done in the future to prevent them from happening again.

London Boat Party

- With Young People Chamber Of Commerce

In London

On Wednesday the 16th Of November 2011 Sheffield Young Advisors went down to London to attend the Young People Chamber Of Commerce boat party. They were invited by their very own Adam Bradford who helped organise the event. The party was for young people to network with each other and celebrate the amazing work they do for young people or have done as young people
Click Here for more photos of our London trip.

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Adam Said: "Hi im Adam, im a Young Advisor and we're having this boat party for young people to get together and find out what each other do, and just have some fun basically"

Meeting With Children & Young Peoples Minister Tim Loughton

Tim Loughton in Sheffield Young Advisor Hoody

On the 9th of November 2011 Sheffield Futures was visited by the Children & Young Peoples Minister Tim Loughton. He came to hear about Young Peoples Participation & Involvement in Sheffield and to talk about Sheffield not rioting. We delivered a presentation about the Participation and Involvement teams (Sheffield Young Advisors, Sheffield Youth Council, Sheffield UK Youth Parliament & Sheffield Community Assembly Youth Forums) and then had a discussion with him and other senior members of Sheffield Futures, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council about why Sheffield didn't riot and our roles in helping prevent it from happening in our city.

Tom LoughtonTim Loughton said: "The reason I came here was that Nick Clegg told me about what happened here…I think we have more of a lesson to learn from activities here. Because it was done by the young people it is really positive. Lessons can really be learned from the work you have done here".

EmmaEmma Hazlehurst said: "In Sheffield communication has been [and continues to be] the key to this positive work".

Tim LoughtonIn relation to the discussions around the prevention work done by young people in Sheffield, the Minister said: "We're currently working on a document called Positive 4 Youth and we will ensure that a big section on [the activities undertaken by] Sheffield will be in it"


Fright Night 2011

Sheffield Young Advisors teamed up with Sheffield Youth Council, Sheffield UK Youth Parliament & Sheffield Futures to run a stall at Fright Night 2011. Over 40,000 people attended Fright Night this year and our stall was very popular with them. We had display boards from each of the Participation and Involvment groups with information abotu them on. Young People who visited our stall also had the chance to win free After Dark 2011 tickets. To do this they had to sign up to 'be a friend of Participation' where thay will recive updates on things that relate to them and given the chance to give us their opinions through surveys and questionairs. They then got to play 'Scary Squares' where they had the chance to win 2 tickets to after dark. We gave out over 100 tickets to the event.

For more pictures visit our Photo Album page

Meeting With Deaputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Team with nick clegg

On Friday 12th August Luke, Ellie and Emma H (Sheffield Young Advisors) were joined by Luke Hague from Sheffield Youth Council and Harry Carter from UK Youth Parliament for a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. This meeting was about the recent work this team had being doing on the riots in the previous week. They also discussed with him their thoughts on these events across the UK, and why they thought there had been no trouble in Sheffield. The young people and Sheffield Futures staff discussed with him how we had been spreading the message to keep calm and not copy other cities across the country. They told him how Young People in Sheffield are proud of there city and therefore do not want to go around destroying it and ruining their communities they thay had worked hard on, to build strong.

For more photos of the meeting go to the Photo Album Page

Radio Sheffield Interview On Riots

Sarah and Emma at BBC Radio Sheffield

Emma, Vaz and Sarah went down to BBC Radio Sheffield to talk to them about the recent riots and the work Sheffield Futures and Sheffield Young Advisors have been doing to prevent it from happening in Sheffield and there view on why it didn't happen. We were asked questions by Dean Pepall about what we wanted to ask Nick Clegg and why we thought Sheffield had stayed calm and not got involved in the violence.

Sheffield Young Advisors Win Top Award


Sheffield Young Advisors won the Special Recognintion Award at the Sheffield Celebration of Success Awards on Thursday 7th July at the City Hall. The category was for an Individual or Team who have gone above and beyond to support schools, residential establishments and other organisations delivering care, support and education for children and young people in Sheffield this year.

Gary BuxtonGary Buxton (CEO National Young Advisors) said: "Soooo impressed!! We've tweeted the news this morning to over 1,800 people... We'll pop it in our eNewsletter and on our site so thousands of people will be able to salute your success!! Well done everyone... You are A-MAZ-ZING!"

SarahSarah Stevens said: "I am sooooo proud of you all!!! Getting a national award in December was great - but to get the TOP award of the night in your own city is just amazing!! WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!! :-) :-)"

Sheffield Young Advisors Win National Award

National Award

Sheffield Young Advisors won the National Young Partners Award on Saturday the 4th December 2010 at an ceremony in London. The awards were hosted by the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS).

The awards were set up to celebrate young people’s involvement in decision making within voluntary and community youth organisations or projects. The awards provided an opportunity for organisations and projects to demonstrate what young people and adults can achieve through working in partnership, sharing ideas and inspiring each other.

SarahSarah Stevens said: “Winning this award is a tremendous achievement for Young Advisors up and down the country as it recognises all their hard work. For Sheffield Young Advisors it is an honour to win, they did a fantastic job"

PhabianPhabian said: “I am proud to be a young person who is helping, rather than just being helped.”