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Services We Provide

Services Young Advisors Provide

For Our Full Traded services document please go to the commissioning our services page.

Youth Proofing

Youth proofing is making either a document, service/business, product or building more young people friendly. Therefore it is more understandable and usable by young people. We can tailor how we youth proof to an organisations needs and objectives.


Sheffield Young Advisors deliver a wide range of training around how to engage with young people. From training your staff to be more young people friendly to teaching you how to best use social media. We can help you become more effective with how you work with and deliver your products or services to young people. For more information go to our downloads page and download our traded services document.


Attend Meetings

Any young person provides their own respective opinion. However Sheffield Young Advisors are trained to represent young people’s view’s in a professional capacity. By having Young Advisors attend meeting’s it will enable you to have a young people’s perspective given during the meeting. So if your meeting is about young people or how the outcomes of it will effect and involve young people, we can support you in a professional manner to make decisions so they are best for both you and your organisation and for young people. If your organisation involves young people, then why not have young people involved in making the decisions?

Consultations & Research

A key area of our work is around consultations and research. Sheffield Young Advisors are trained to deliver various consultation sessions. This involves us conducting both primary research and secondary research. Having Sheffield Young Advisors conduct consultations and research for you or organisation is a useful tool as we have a better understanding of how to get young people to give us their views and as we are also young people, they are willing to open up more to us and are more confident to tell us what their views are

Events Management

If you want an event for young people or about young people, then why not get young people to plan and run it? Our team will meet with you or your organisation to discuss what you want the event to be about and what targets you would like to meet. We will then go away and thoroughly plan and deliver the event based on our meeting with you.

We can also manage events alongside you or your organisation and support in areas where we are needed


Speaking at Events

The Sheffield Young Advisors have vast experience at speaking at events. We are confident and dynamic key note speakers, providing an authentic portrayal of views of young people. We are trained in delivering presentations to both young people and professionals. In all cases if applicable we will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to go through while we are presenting and explain our roles as Young Advisors to give the audience a better understanding of what we do and why we are at the event. A main benefit of having Young Advisors speak at your events is that you will be getting information about young people, from young people therefore based on actual rather then presumed needs. Therefore having a better understanding of young peoples needs and issues.



Are you recruiting for a job where the employee will work with young people. Then why not have Young Advisors sit on your interview panel or even have a young people’s panel as well as your adult panel. The young advisors will provide you with a young peoples perspective on the candidates which can be valuable especially if their job will involve working with young people. A candidate may have all the best qualifications for the job, but this will not help if they are not young people friendly. Rather than just saying whether we think they will be good with young people or bad, we will pick out key traits and skills in the candidate that will help when working with young people, and also suggest areas where it may cause issues when working with young people

For more information on what services we deliver, visit the commissioning our services page and get our traded services document.