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Work We Have Done

Here is some of the work Sheffield Young Advisors have completed or are currently working on:

Sheffield City Summit

In September Ellie and Haaris went along to present to the attendees of the 2014 Sheffield City Summit on how young people envisage the city to look in 2035 and what hopes, dreams and fears young people hold for the city in that year. We asked the the audience what dreams and hopes they had for the city 20 years ago, we received a response a range of responces including from Julie Dore (Head of SCC). We then went on to list how young peoples hopes for the future are a more cohesive city where everyone is accepted and happy to live here and proud to say they are from/reside in Sheffield, also young people hope for a better job market within the economy as well as more affordable housing or an easier step up on to the property ladder. Lastly the young people hoped for a safer city and one where there is more provision for young people. The closing comment was that young people are the future of the city and therefore they need to be invested in now.

About the event Ellie said:"I really enjoyed attending this event as it game young peoples opportunity to tell key people how they want their city to be in 20 years time."

YA Fearless

Sheffield Young Advisors' partnership with Fearless (The Young People’s version of Crimestoppers) has gone from strength to strength since April 2014 delivering assemblies and sessions in youth clubs to raise young people’s awareness around different crimes and how they can report it anonymously to Fearless. Why? Fearless is the youth service for Crimestoppers, and was launched in 2010 after they discovered that young people were not using Crimestoppers. Young people can report crime online through Fearless or Crimestoppers, or ring Crimestoppers directly on 0800 555 111.

In Sheffield, members of the Young Advisor team have been trained as Fearless ambassadors in order to raise awareness amongst their peers about different crimes and how these can be reported to fearless. The partnership first began in 2013 under the Ending Gangs and Youth Violence umbrella, where some of the Young Advisors got involved in supporting the launch event of Fearless at tramlines in order to promote Fearless amongst their peers.

Young Advisors were then involved from the early stages in youth proofing the session resources to be used as part of Fearless promotion in schools and youth groups throughout the city. Members of the team have been out to local secondary schools to deliver short presentations in assemblies and also ran 2 hour group sessions at various youth venues throughout the city.

CourtneyCourtney Castledine, Sheffield Young Advisor said: 'The Fearless workshops have been really successful. I have delivered 5 sessions now, and they all gave positive feedback. Young people didn't know what Fearless was and after each session we ask them to fill out a feedback form about the workshop and all of them were positive! Young people now say they would report crime on Fearless which is a really positive outcome.'

TamekaTameka Miller, Sheffield Young Advisor said: 'It’s been great watching the mind sets of young people changing during the sessions and opening up to the idea of helping to make Sheffield’s streets safer'

A young person who took part in a Fearless session delivered in partnership with the Young Advisors gave the following feedback: 'As a young person who attended the ‘Fearless’ workshop, I thought the session was informative and inspirational to the Fearless campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed it and benefitted from knowledge around crime I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I feel I took more notice as it was delivered by someone my own age.'

The Sheffield YAs also ran a session about Fearless at our the National Young Advisor AGM this year so more of the network could learn about the great work they have been doing. The workshop was really interactive and prompted some great discussions between YAs from all over the country!

Case Study from National Young Advisors website: National Website

CYT Community Cohesion Event

Community Cohesion Event

Sheffield Young Advisors delivered a presentation at the Sheffield Community Cohesion event at Sheffield Town Hall. The event was run by Sheffield Community Youth Teams and was attended by young people, schools and professionals from all over Sheffield. Below Ellie describes what they did:

Ellie"Haaris and myself were asked to present a short presentation on community cohesion in Sheffield, the presentation was centred around how we can make a more cohesive city and a happier environment for young people. We presented it at Sheffield Town Hall, the attendees were mainly secondary school pupils and their teachers. We used a PowerPoint presentation and added further points as the presentation went on. We also had a long Q&A session in which the young people had plenty of interest in Young Advisors, Sheffield Youth Cabinet and our Local Area Youth Forums." By Ellie McMahon

Safeguarding Board - Fake ID

Fake ID Poster

The Young Advisors have been working with South Yorkshire Police and the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board looking at how using False ID - to get in clubs or to get alcohol – can put you in danger and affect your life. They want to get a message out to all under 18’s warning them about the risks - read the poster to find out more!

fake id poster

Fake ID Video

We also stared in a short film about using fake id. This film will be used in schools, colleges and youth centres as part of a resource to educate young people on using fake id and the risks and consiquences of doing so. Below is a behind the scenes video with interviews from the people involved on our filming day.

Preview image for a video
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Music Hub

Sheffield Young Advisors have been heavily involved in the creation and launch of Sheffield new music service The Music Hub. We are attending the monthly music hub board meetings and been involved in all the planning and implementing of the service.

Launch Conference

We also helped plan and run the launch conference at the Sheffield Town Hall where we took up many roles. Luke H and Emma H hosted the conference along with Mary who runs the service, in which they introduced guest speakers and explained how the service will work. The some of the rest of the YA team where seated on the tables around the room with the guests where they could be consulted with during the workshops and provide the voice of young people. We also had young advisors greeting VIP's when they arrived at the town hall and Luke C running all the IT equipment.

Launch Concert

The next step after the launch conference was the Launch Concert. This was held in the Sheffield City Hall where over 2,000 people came to see Sheffield's young music scene showcase their talents. Sheffield Young Advisors were involved in the planning and delivery of the event. Luke H was compere for the conference which involved organising the performers and volunteers backstage and then introducing acts and explaining the background of the service. Luke C was also working at the concert, maintaining the video equipment that was projecting onto the screens behind the stage.

UTC Sheffield

UTCOver the past year we have been working with the new University Technical College in Sheffield. This new college will provide education to around 400 young people in Sheffield from Y9 to 6th Form. Sheffield Young Advisors have been the main young peoples voice in the project and have been involved in every planning meeting since the start where they have talked about everything from where the plug sockets will go to how long lessons will be. We have also been involved in other areas of the UTC Sheffield like choosing the architecs for the college and making suggestions to change areas (for example we suggested putting an astro turf on the roof of the building, this was then added to the final designs and is happening) we have attended and consulted around the marketing of the scheme and how to attract young people to attend the college. UTC Sheffield will be finished and open to pupils in September 2013.

Positive Activities

Young AdvisorsSheffield Young Advisors were invited to support the Positive Activities consultation events on 31 January and 2 February 2012. The Young Advisors attended to talk to service providers about what they deliver, how they attract young people and how they have made it successful. The Young Advisors then probed questions further questions about how they attract young people, do they listen to what young people want, is it what the community require and are the session inclusive for all. They also provided a chance for service providers to gain invaluable ideas on developing their programmes from a Young Person Perspective.

Helen White who is the Area Manager of Activity Sheffield said:

"It was fantastic to talk to all of the advisors who were enthusiastic, articulate, thought provoking and honest. Having the opportunity to utilise the young advisors as part of our work has not only given us great understanding in specific elements but also opened new avenues that may have remained closed.

All of the young people were a real credit to themselves, the young advisors programme and Sheffield Futures.

...I personally look forward to working with each and everyone of them again and I can only hope that our department can attract a workforce in the future from these exceptional young people."

Aldine House 2011

We are currently working with a unit in Sheffield called Aldine house which is a secure unit for young people aged 10-17. We are looking at youth proofing their behavioural management policy as well as their welcome booklet for young people to make them more relevant and easier to understand. Watch this space for updates!

Future Shape of Education in Sheffield.

Young Advisors were asked by the council to input the Voice of Young People into the new plans for Education in Sheffield. To ensure that we gave a city wide view of young people’s priorities in Sheffield we conducted a consultation event in each of the seven Community Assemblies, and asked them to give their top priorities from what they wanted form going to school (e.g. a permanent careers service, or sexual health drop in.) We the collated these priorities and made a presentation which we presented at the Parents Assembly. Furthering the work we put out a survey monkey to reach all the Young people in the city who hadn’t attended the consultations asking them for their views. This was them compiled to a larger report and presented to the City Wide Learning Body Board Meeting. We have also been written into the constitution of the Board, meaning our views have to be listened to by the board; they can’t get rid of us that easily!

Annual General Meeting/Residential at Hope 2011:

Last week 9 of the Sheffield Young Advisors attended the National AGM (Anual General Meeting) residential at hope. They participated in several training workshops related to Business and Consultation.They also got involved in a number of team bonding activitys like Cannoing and High Ropes. They also atttended the AGM meeting with all the Young Advisors that attended from around the country. There they discussed the futures of Young Advisors and looked back on the last year.

Youth Work Training Courses

Young Advisors have delivered sessions to the Youth Work Courses, Levels 1, 2 and 3 on participation and how to involve Young People.

Some of our Young Advisors have actualy taken part in various Youth Work training Courses to help develop their skills in support of their Young Advisor Work

Annual General Meeting/Residential at Hope 2010:

Last year we attended the Young Advisor Annual General Meeting. The venue was the Hollowford Centre in Hope. Young Advisors from all across the country attended.
As members of the Young Advisors charity we had to go and have a meeting about the future of the charity. But, we are young people and we don’t just do meetings so whilst we were there we participated in workshops and activities.
Some Young Advisors completed the ASDAN Train the Trainer program and are now qualified to deliver ASDAN courses to other young People.
We did several workshops, to sharpen our skills in Communication and Conflict Resolution.
Another very important workshop we participated in was around the “Big Society”
In this National Young Advisors had different levels of knowledge around what the “Big Society” was so first of we looked at what it was. After that we looked more deeply into what direction to go in the future as Young Advisors and individually, and how Big Society would affect the Young Advisors’ Nationally.
We then took part in some outdoor team building exercises, completing high ropes obstacle courses, rock climbing routes, kayaking and orienteering exercises.

Rotherham Training

Two young Advisors went to Rotherham to train their Young Embedded Advisors on how to successfully youth proof the services they would be working with in Rotherham We also taught good communication skills to use when working with both professionals and Young People. We gave them the skills to be able to successfully asses the services they were youth proofing and make them more accessible for Young People.

Telephone Research

This was the first piece of commissioned work that Sheffield young advisors completed.
Collectively we completed 25 hours of work for Lifelong Learning, Skills and Communities
We Phoned Sheffield Young People (aged 16-19) who are NEET (Not in education, employment or training) to find out:
-What they were doing post-16
-Find out if they had heard of the new government initiative, the January guarantee
-And, what would help them to engage in employment, education or training

London CLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) meeting

Two Sheffield Young Advisors were invited down to London to meet with the CLG
The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways in which National Youth Policy should be shaped under the Coalition Government
They were consulted on issues that are affecting Young People all over the country, and how they can work with Young People together to solve them.
In response the information shall be included in an ‘Options’ paper for ministers

Representing young people

In the summer of 2010 the council in Sheffield made cuts of £6.5million. Out of these cuts, £3.15 million was directly to children and Young People services. No Young People had been consulted, and most of the people who these cuts were to affect couldn’t vote. In doing this they had actually broken the law as they hadn’t consulted with any Young People regarding a decision that was going to affect them. We were outraged but no one more so than one of our Young Advisors, Laura.
So as a response Laura arranged a meeting with the Director of Children and Young Peoples Services in Sheffield and several councillors.
The word spread and Laura single-handedly organised a march from a city centre landmark to the Sheffield Town Hall, prior to the meeting. Unfortunately however the police weren’t given enough notice and the march wasn’t allowed but still prompted Young People, representing many groups from all across the city, to attend the meeting. We had 30 Young People attend and many show support outside the Town Hall.
The meeting was a success and as a result meetings are held regularly to ensure that Young People are consulted when decisions that are affecting them are being made.

Sexual Health Services Conferences and Work

In July 2010 4 young advisors were asked by the Sheffield Contraception and Sexual Health Service to youth proof the sexual health service in Sheffield and present there findings at an annual celebration conference. This involved mystery shopping where there Young Advisors visited Sheffield clinics and used there phone services to evaluate the services they provide for young people. We then created a presentation to share our findings with other health professionals.

Then again in July 2011 Sheffield Young Advisors returned to the event to give an update presentation about how the sexual health services had improved in the last year when they again did mystery shopping on these services

In July 2012 we were asked to create and distribute a survey to consult with the young people of Sheffield to find out their views on the sexual health service from experience and what they have heard. We then presented our findings at the Sexual Health conference 2012 to highlight to them what needs improving and what they are doing well (which is most things!) They also asked us to present the awards for the services so we created a animated presentation to do this and announced the winners and presented them with a certificate.

and much, much more...